If I could only have one book in my life, The Power of Awareness, Ideas To Shape the World, would be it, hands down.

Written by Neville Goddard (1952), it is an international bestseller inspiring millions of readers worldwide.

It’s short, only 110 pages.

Each idea is concise and to the point. Compelling.  Life-shifting.

It makes for a “fast” reading of the 23 chapters (each about four pages).

I say “fast” because it is easy to read, but you’ll find yourself stopping on a sentence. Underlining it. Giving it a star so you can return to it later.

You’ll find yourself transformed in positive ways. And if you’re like me, you’ll read this book over and over … and over again.

You can get it here on Amazon.

Sometimes I randomly open it to see what words of wisdom the universe has for me that day.

Other times, I start at the beginning and work my way through it again. Each and every time, I am humbled at the insight.  The inspiration.  The enlightenment into myself … how I can use my imagination and the power of awareness to change whatever I so desire.

I heartily recommend this book for anyone who believes in shaping their world.  It has changed my life, for sure.

Tips for Reading

If you want to skip to chapter 23 first, you’ll see the success stories of what can happen when you apply the ideas in this book. Then go back and start at the beginning.

A word of caution. If, by any chance, you get a put off by the first couple of chapters (maybe it’s a little esoteric for you), keep reading.  The deeper you get into the book, the more practical and easy to understand it becomes for first-time readers.

Once you’ve read it through, go back and start again.  It’s worth it!