Does Anyone Like Paying Taxes?

We Make It Easier For You… and Often More Profitable!

How do we do this … make paying taxes easier and more profitable?

We stay in constant communication with you so that, together, we can put plans in place to minimize your taxes.  Whether you represent a business (sole proprietorship, LLC, S Corp or C Corp) … or you’re an individual who likes to have personal tax returns handled by experts … we offer a full range of services.

When it comes to compliance, we continuously monitor current tax law changes which allows our clients to minimize their current … and future … tax liabilities.   Our diligence in this area … staying up-to-date … is one of the qualities that differentiates us from many other firms.

Another unique characteristic of ours is the attention we pay to advance planning for tax considerations.  We do this aggressively!  In today’s economic climate, sound tax planning is critical to businesses (and individuals) … to maximize the amount of earnings you’re able to keep.

Our technology tools and processes are user-friendly. They are designed to make filing tax returns … and submitting support documentation … a breeze.

  • For our individual clients, we provide a tax organizer packet with the previous year’s data, simplifying the gathering of the information required to prepare returns.  The tax organizer can be mailed (hard copy), emailed (PDF), or sent through our private client portal, based on your individual preference.

  • For our business and individual clients, we have a state-of-the-art, online private portal so that your financial files, supporting schedules and critical communication is transferred to us, and stored for backup, in the cloud.   This provides the ultimate in safety, efficiency and speed for our clients.

  • We scan the original source documents (W-2’s, 1099’s, Schedule Cs, etc) so that we can instantly locate this information as needed.

Whether you represent a business or are an individual, we respond to all queries (calls, emails, letters) quickly and with care.  Timely communication with you and the government is essential.  We never file extensions unless it is a request from you.  Our services are prompt, reliable and insightful.

To request a meeting (phone or in person) to discuss your specific accounting needs, simply call or email us for an appointment.  We look forward to discussing your situation and helping you grow.

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