“After many years in business, I suddenly realized I had to start using a PC myself. Tech Talk helped me get comfortable with the fundamentals and the language. It made the idea of using a computer inviting, rather than intimidating. The editors were also very helpful when I called them about a problem I was having. Tech Talk is a great publication!”

Peter Menihan, CLU, CFP, Financial Consultant
Overland Park, KS

“Tech Talk is simple enough, and manageable enough, for someone like me – who looks at computer materials and wants to run away screaming. This is the first time I’ve ever picked up anything having to do with computers that I could read and understand!”

Connie Donaldson, C.S.W., Clinical Social Worker
Rochester, NY

“We pass Tech Talk around as part of our training. Since many of our people have never used a computer, the “Getting Started” issue gave them the information they needed to get over their fear. And the “Getting Unstuck” issue has a paper clip on it, because we use it so often!”

Tara Garrett, DSI Site Supervisor
Charlotte, NC

“I am very impressed by Tech Talk. It was very easy to read and understand. I would probably be classified as an intermediate level reader and I learned several new things.”

Kirk Miller, President, Information Packaging Specialists
Wildwood, MO

“I sat down to read the first page and didn’t stop until the end of it. I learned so much!”

Wayne Taylor, Station Manager WMHN Radio
Rochester, NY

“We have a lot of people here who have very little computer experience who read TECH TALK thoroughly. It’s a lot of great information presented in a very straight forward way. It’s not biased toward any specific product and is very up-front. While I am still not a techie, now I can at least understand and follow the conversation with Danka Technical Services people.”

Jan Justice, DSI Site Manager
Boise, ID

“I look forward to getting it each month. There’s always something in it I can use.”

Mike Coppolo, Business Development Manager, Paychex
Rochester, NY

“I’m training a person to do computer work and your newsletter has been very helpful. It’s very easy to understand. We like both the factual articles such as what is hardware, software, modems, etc. as well as the practical tips. We keep all the issues in the binder and when we have a question, we go to the binder first and usually find the answer there.”

John Baity, Team Leader, DEC
Alpharetta, GA

“It’s peppy and has a sprightly style. Has a sense of humor and informative. Very clear.”

Emmett Halloran, Retired Priest, St. Mary’s
Canandaigua, NY

“Our system person, Matt, was out of the office for the day when one of the PCs started acting up. If we couldn’t get it working, we’d have a lot of down time that we couldn’t afford. We tried the tips from Tech Talk and they worked! Boy, were we proud of ourselves. And so was Matt!”

Connie Jedrzejas, Piper-McCredie Insurance Agency
Flint, MI

“The staff has had no computer training and yet I encourage them to use the computer. Tech Talk has been really helpful as it is very well written and easy to understand. The staff is becoming more knowledgeable and they can process orders much faster. We just got Lotus Notes and the e-mail issue was particularly helpful. Many of the pages are well worn and they ask when the next issue is coming.”

Bernard Scafidi, KIS Site Supervisor for IBM
Waltham, MA

“I believe you may have mined a gem. My wife gives Tech Talk a thumbs up, and she is very computer phobic.”

Chuck Schiller, Vordex, Inc.
Victor, NY

“What we have read of Tech Talk is very impressive. The glossary alone is enlightening.”

Murray Beckerman, Attorney
Manhattan, NY

“There are five of us who share the publication and we all enjoy reading it. We like that it’s not overpowering like most manuals. The articles are easy to read and understand. The feature subject per issue is a great idea and makes it easy to refer to later when questions arise.”

Dan Schlacks, DSI Operations Manager for Motorola Cellular
Arlington Heights, VA