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A student worked for hours on a class assignment only to lose it all because it hadn’t been saved.

Everything was GONE!  All that hard work!

What could she do to get it back?  She was told, “nothing”.

Then Library Director (a subscriber to Tech-Talk) came to the rescue. She remembered an article.

She printed it out, sat with the student reading the step-by-step instructions.

It worked! The document was fully recovered!

Cheryl Wilcher, Florida Memorial University, Nathan W. Collier Library

♦  Too often, the students of today lack a foundation in using Microsoft Office (considered to one of the top two skill sets required of employers). This leaves them vulnerable in the job market and it impedes completion of class assignments.

♦  Tech-Talk lets students learn what they need, when they need it, no matter where they are … on campus, at home or on the road.

Plus, every time they log in to the database or use the mobile app, they are reminded that access to this learning is provided by your library at your institution.

Students are able to develop current and relevant skills they can use every day and strengthen their position in a competitive job market.

As graduates of your institution, they continue to have access to this practical information so that they can use it to thrive as they pursue their careers.