e_Live_01 Facilitators Guide

The Opportunity For Today’s Adult Training

Capturing every participant’s attention throughout a day of instructor-led training can be challenging.  This is especially true when the subject matter is required and dry.  In these situations, a learner’s interest veers off, gravitating to email, other work and solitaire.  Instructors are faced with inattentive, distracted and bored attendees.

A Real Example

Credit union and bank examiners are required to learn federal consumer compliance regulations.  The data is extensive, detailed, and critical.  Having this dry information posted on PowerPoint slides, and gone over by the instructor, is frequently seen as the only way to present this type of factual material.

Course ModuleEqual Credit Opportunity Act

Learning the Details:  Rescission Calendar (Truth in Lending Act)

A Better Way to Reach Attendees

Real learning occurs when attendees take an active role in the content.  Full attention results as they become completely engaged. Shared Results International has developed a proprietary way to convert the training of these necessary facts and information into highly engaging, fully attentive learning sessions.  The result … greater understanding, higher retention and superior job application.


… is an innovative combination of instructor-led classroom facilitation and interactive technology.  In addition to capturing the complete attention of participants throughout the entire day, instructors are able to “zero-in” on the room’s knowledge gaps, instantly.  It’s almost like reading their minds, knowing where they’re strong and where they need more explanation and discussion

Converting Your Material to e*Live

Would you like to learn more about how your training can use the e*Live approach?  Let us give you an estimate of how creatively this can be done to transform your learning sessions into memorable training experiences.  We can do it for you … or teach you how to do it!