Understand how people in your organization truly think and feel. Discover the problems, root causes and critical success factors for your organization.

We hear the phrases every day: “That’s not my job.” “I can’t help you; talk to my boss.” “That’s just how we do things around here.” “Someone else was supposed to do that.” Such are the warning signs of organizational indifference … the opposite of total engagement.

Organizational indifference occurs when your employees no longer care about the group’s success. They’re simply working for a paycheck, doing only what it takes to not get fired, and not looking for opportunities that will help the organization thrive.

The power comes from getting everyone on the same page and totally committed to achieving the vision.

When you create a culture where there is a unified entrepreneurial spirit, you rid your team of organizational indifference,. Your employees become eager to express new ideas and genuinely want to help clients.

They are excited to come to work because they know their contributions matter and they have a definite purpose in the organization. As a result, customers enjoy working with your organization.

What’s more, your operating expenses and turnover decrease as employees take a more active role in the organization.

Productivity soars as each employee strives to make a positive contribution to your success.