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An Egalitarian Manager is one who is rooted in the belief that every individual in the organization (from the executive to the custodian) has a vital role to play in its success.

He believes in creating an environment of mutual respect.  He’s actively involved in all forms of communication. Rather than relying solely on the traditional cascade method, he ensures processes for continually staying in touch with all levels of the organization are instituted throughout.

He knows that it takes more than the “initiative of the month” to generate strong growth and gain employee loyalty.  It requires a holistic approach and one that is inclusive in nature.

An Egalitarian Manager knows that it takes all seven elements of engagement for the team to sustain momentum. This means having everyone (without exception)

  1. Understand, embrace and get excited about a Shared*Vision™ for the organization.
  2. Know specifically what he or she can do to contribute; his (or her) role, in a Shared*Direction™.
  3. Be accountable and responsible for commitments with Shared*Communication™.
  4. Know that his or her ideas are taken seriously because Shared*Initiatives™ are valued.
  5. Be given training on an ongoing basis because of an appreciation for Shared*Skills™.
  6. Evaluates progress against goals with an attitude of Shared*Performance™.
  7. Is appreciative of the organization’s Shared*Rewards™ practices.

An Egalitarian Manager knows that ongoing attention to these seven engagement elements is the secret to sustaining success momentum.

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