Specialty Training

executive leadership trainingExecutive Leadership

Transform your 71% disengaged workforce into a focused, flexible and willing resource.

Discover how to create an entrepreneurial culture in your organization (or team). Interactive online learning and on-site assessments, training and facilitation. Get one-on-one support or join a group.

Happy crowd of workers 35868822Egalitarian Management

Create an environment that generates innovative ideas and powerful energy throughout your organization.

Transform how you think and interact with your team. Get people to accept greater responsibility and accountability – to commit, take action and follow-through. Reduce the “fire-fighting”. Work one-on-one support and in groups.

Team in blue at window 27222446Financial Regulatory Training for Examiners

Turn boring classes into engaging interactions for federal and state examiners.

Topics such as Consumer Compliance, Consumer Lending and Consumer Protection are excruciatingly detail-oriented, perceived as the driest of material … and critically vital to US financial institutions (Banks / Credit Unions).

Coaching and Consulting

home-trainingExecutives | Managers | Business Owners

Engage your workforce for higher returns and longer retention.

Working one-one-one, develop techniques to get everyone on the same page and focused on what is important. Learn proven ways to hold people accountable and handle those who need more attention.

business man shaking hands 5068740Business Consultants | Executive Coaches

Improve revenue and business results with greater sales and longer-lasting accounts.

Strengthen your selling processes, discover innovative ways of communicating with prospects, turn single projects into multiple engagements. Combine individual coaching / consulting with facilitated online group events.

Learn more about how we work with executives, managers, business owners … and coaches HERE.