Linda L. Keefe

For over two decades, Linda Keefe has helped major corporations, non-profit institutions and small businesses achieve their visions through tapping into the talent of their people by implementing state-of-the-art methodologies, tools and communication.

Ms. Keefe lives by the belief that every single worker, regardless of job, has a vital role to play in the success of the organization. And that when processes are in place to capture employees’ inherent desire to contribute, to be of value, to be a part of something bigger than themselves, giant strides are made.

She is one who is constantly looking for ways to improve situations, solve problems and identify creative solutions so that individuals and businesses can execute strategy more effectively.

Ms. Keefe developed a methodology and cloud-based tool to help teams of all sizes, in every industry, tap into the talent of their people so that everyone can help execute the strategy to achieve the vision. It’s called SharedMomentum (MO).

She has an MBA in International Marketing and has traveled widely, lived in the Mideast and spoken globally. As a result, she has a keen sense of the universality of people’s needs at work. Her programs have been touted as “world class” and “benchmark” by corporate CEOs.  

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List of Published Articles (Professional Journals/Newspapers)

7 Habits of Egalitarian Managers

7 Habits Egalitarian Managers

Employee Engagement – Executive Guide

This clever and quick read is perfect for your entire team. Read the pocketbook on the fly when you’re waiting for an appointment or on the commuter train. Or choose the PDF digital copy to view on your tablet or laptop immediately.

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Overcoming Organization Indifference … Removing the Blinders 

Get everyone aligned, focused and engaged to execute the vision.  Create a unified, entrepreneurial spirit for faster growth.

Double Your Income Information Marketing … What The Millionaire Experts Do To Get Started

The definitive guide to sharing your expertise with the world.

Conscious Entrepreneurs, A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion and Profit

A Compilation.  Keefe’s Chapter: “Driving With the Brakes On, End Procrastination Once and For All”