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“Conscious Entrepreneurs”

A Radical New Approach To Purpose,
Passion and Profit

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Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside Conscious Entrepreneurs

  • 5 easy steps to finding and following your true path

  • 6 hidden traits that create conscious leadership and success

  • How to overcome any setback and turn it into an opportunity

  • How to write marketing copy to easily reaches your ideal customer

  • The secret power that unleashes purpose, passion and profit in your business

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Conscious Business/Leadership

Because Linda Keefe is a contributing author, we are able to offer you this exclusive gift of Conscious Entrepreneurs.

Answer one simple question, which would you prefer? The advice of one successful person? Or to glean the wisdom, insight and strategies of 47 conscious entrepreneurs who have walked the path and have the wisdom and insight you find valuable?

These authors are openly sharing their expertise, stories, and lessons with you. The beauty of this is that you’ll have…

Ideas and Strategies To Achieve your Dreams

You’ll Receive…

The Conscious Entrepreneurs Book: A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion and Profit

Love Your Life Publishing, 2008 (330 pages)

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My Chapter

“Driving Through Life With the Brakes On: End Procrastination Once And For All”

In this chapter, you’ll discover how to…

  • Recognize your hidden procrastination triggers.

  • Turn fears, inhibitions and reluctance into positive actions.

  • Discover the true secret to success in all that you desire.

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A Few of the Chapters Included…

Part I: Your Journey of Success

  • “Conscious Manifestation,” David Neagle
  • “Embracing The Paradigm Shift: Creating the Conscious Space Between Where You Are and Where You Are Going,” Sherry Gaba
  • “Driving Through Life With the Brakes On: End Procrastination Once and For All,” Linda Keefe

For a list of all chapters, click here.

Part II: Living Your Full Potential

  • “Resistance is Futile…and a Doorway to Freedom!,” Gaye Abbott
  • “From Passion to Profit,” Deborah Gudelsky
  • “7 Steps to Raise the Bar to Genius Level in Your Business and Life That You Can Begin Right Now,” Cathy Silva

For a list of all chapters, click here.

Part III: Thriving in Your Ultimate Business

  • “The 4 Components of Conscious Entrepreneurship,” Christine Kloser
  • “Unleash Your Marketing Karma™” Kelly L. Lefave, MSM, and Molly Luffy, MBA
  • “How a 100- Year Business Plan Will Make You Rich!,” Alexis Martin Neely

For a list of all chapters, click here.

Conscious Entrepreneurs

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Linda L. Keefe is a contributing author to Conscious Enrepreneurs and CEO of Shared Results International, offering training, consulting and coaching for business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs. Located at 6858 Sagebrush Circle, Sarasota, Florida, 34243.

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