gapWould you agree?  That … how well we communicate determine the degree of our success!

Communication is a two way process and a shared responsibility.  Employees and managers alike have responsibility for making sure information is distributed to everyone, understood and embraced.

When you don’t feel as if you have the information you need, ask for it.  You’ll be surprised at how often it is just an oversight … or a good intention to not inundate you.  Let people know you’re interested.

We offer products and services that help individuals, and organizations, gain insight and skills for communicating with others effectively.  We create a culture change based on mutual respect.

Everything we do is customized for you and your environment, using the experience and insight we’ve gained over the past twenty-five years.

    Keynotes, One Day Seminars, Conference Workshops. Eliminate management delusion, removing the blinders to organizational indifference. Create a workforce that is aligned with, and focused on, a shared vision.
    Three day off-site seminars to get your executive team focused and skilled in the art of total engagement to execute your strategic plans.
    Organizational review using interviews, round-tables and custom surveys to give you both qualitative and quantitative data. Key problems, root causes and critical success factors identified. Recommendations and action plan included.
    Experienced and objective insight provided to individuals, teams and planning retreats. Also problem solving / continuous improvement sessions targeting specific issues, e.g. organizational communications.
  • COACHING: Teams, Individuals
    • Managers. Work behavior diagnostic tools used along with scheduled sessions to enhance communications and leadership style.
    • Business Owners. Business building techniques using online presence and tools with a specialty in information marketing.
    • Communications. Enhance interactions between management and the “rank and file” to eliminate stress and create an innovative, action-taking communications culture.
    • Leadership. Foster an egalitarian style of management that demonstrates mutual respect, active listening and a shared responsibility among all employees to help the organization succeed.
    • SharedMomentum (MO). Artful conversations that empower individuals to take action, sustain momentum and execute the organization’s vision.
    • SharedVision. A mobile app that connects executives, business owners, managers with the “rank and file” to enable bottoms-up, top-down, and cross-silo communications.


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