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Micro and Macro Continuity

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Each of the group sessions will be posted here (Video / Audio), along with resource documents.

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Session 10:  Jan 10, 2018


AUDIO – (50 min) Funnel and More (Selling Strategist, 100 Bullets)

Session 11: Jan. 17, 2018

VIDEO:  One A Day product, Funnel Files, Red Tea Funnel

Session 12: Jan. 24, 2018

VIDEO:  Mindset, Landing Pages, Fiverr, 100 Benefits, Kathy’s website (85 min)

DOCFollow Me Step 3 – Optin page, thank you, and thank you with Upsell – fill in

Session 13: Jan. 31, 2018

VIDEO:  Kathy’s Video Sales Letter Script; Anahid’s Optin and Landing Page