Guided Coaching for Independent Consultants


  • One On One Coaching … Every Week

  • Weekly Group Sessions to share ideas

  • Step by Step Instruction and Assignments

  • Models of what others have done

  • Templates to work better, smarter, faster

  • Flowcharts, Diagrams, Checklists

  • Review and Feedback of all your work

  • An Accountability Partner

  • PLUS: Annotated Notes from the courses for reference and speed of implementation

Weekly Schedule

The Typical Flow of Information and Assignments
(You can change it up to fit your schedule!)

  • Mondays … One on One Coaching

  • Tuesdays / Wednesdays … Working on Assignment

  • Thursdays … Submit Completed Assignment

  • Fridays … Group Session / Next Assignment

Weekly Topics

  • Week #1 … Overview, Mind-shift, Assignment

  • Weeks #2 – #3RESEARCH: Market Research, Niche Identification, Niche Validation, Competition Determination, Avatar Development

  • Weeks #4 – #9FUNNEL: Create Lead Magnate, Tripwire, OTO, Auto-Responder Lists / Messages, Web Pages (Sales, Thank You, Upsell, $1 Trial)

  • Weeks #10 – #11TRAFFIC: Paid Ads (Facebook / YouTube / LinkedIn), Tracking, Analysis, Re-Targeting (if time)


Course Plan


  • Start Date … You set it!

  • Group Sharing Sessions (optional)  – Weekly

  • One on Ones – Weekly at time of your choice!

What You Need To Succeed

How-To Courses, Right Tools To Use, Expert Coaching
… and Knowledgeable Technical Assistance

POP GUIDANCE: Linda’s Navigation, Resources and Encouragement


  • Templates and Forms

  • Scripts and Examples

  • Charts, Lists, Maps

  • Coaching

  • Instruction and Annotated Notes

  • Assignment Review and Feedback

Optional Resource

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Deborah’s implementation of 26 items

  • 7 Web pages

  • 1 Opt-In Form

  • 3 Auto-Responder Lists (ARLs)

  • 3 Auto-Responder Messages (ARMs)

  • 3 Shopping Cart Product Listings

  • 3 Products put online

  • Up to 2 Bonus Products Put Online

  • $477 … or 2 payments of $247 (3rd – 4th week of program)


Take Action Now


Claim one of the nine available slots now…

  • Pay in full $1470

  • or 3 payments of $517

Remember, you can have a colleague sit in on the sessions
and learn the program with you!

 Satisfaction GuaranteeIf, after the first week, you are not excited and invested in this program and want to quit, the full amount you’ve paid Shared Results International will be returned to you!  (Though I know you’re going to be very happy.)



No. The group calls are optional. They will be recorded, and there is no “instruction” that you will miss. The group calls are more for sharing, building on concepts and igniting light-bulb moments. Because every individual is going through the course at his or her own pace … you could go the entire course and never sit in on group session.
You’ll get an auto-responder that will tell you exactly how to get started. We’ll set up your first one-on-one coaching at a time of your convenience (no it doesn’t have to be on Mondays) and we’ll hit the road running.
We’ll set up a weekly schedule that works for you.

  • At the first session, you’ll get an assignment and an overview of what you will be accomplishing.
  • You will watch specific modules in the ClickbankLab courses and do the actions and exercises I assign you.
  • You’ll submit the completed work to me via email so that I can review it, give you feedback, and make sure you are staying on track and moving forward.
  • After you have completed Step 1, you’ll move onto Step 2.

I won’t let you procrastinate, get lost or become bogged down! You’ll create a process that is “good enough” to work. This means that later, you can systematically make each step stronger … to convert better … ever increasing your income.

No. I’m using the term “independent consultant” to refer to anyone who is not part of a big business and who has ideas (and products) to offer others … in this case online, to a hungry crowd in your sub-niche.
Yes! If you have someone you want to work with you on this project, bring him or her along. They can sit in on the sessions to support you. They are more of a silent partner than an active participant, but they’ll get the same information as you so the two of you are on the same page.
If you’re quick, just one month. The very first thing we’ll do is to go through the Market Research course which is in that membership group. Once we know your sub-niche, we will go through the appropriate Buying Ads course (for Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn) so that you can stop that membership if you like.

Linda L. Keefe is the CEO of Shared Results International, offering training, consulting and coaching for business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs. Located at 6858 Sagebrush Circle, Sarasota, Florida, 34243.

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