I listened to an online webinar today about one way to make money online. It was about creating a micro continuity product. The main theme was to pick one thing to do online and then stick to it. Do it well. Do it continuously. Do it until you figure out the success formula, then smile all the way to the bank.

frustratedThe point was that none of the online revenue paths are “one hit wonders”. They aren’t “get rich schemes” for people who want to be among the digital entrepreneurs. They are legitimate money making ventures – if you work them.

But, like any business (and make no mistake, it is a business), it takes time. It takes trial and error … and retrial. It takes testing, analysis, monitoring. And most of all it takes perseverance! It means going to work every day and working the system.

When you buy a program from a reputable person or team of experts, they are giving you a process. It will be a step by step formula for exactly what you need to do.

The problem comes when the person who buys the program (perhaps you) does one of these three things.

  1. Doesn’t follow the system. They pick and choose. They skip over the first part because it doesn’t seem important or it’s boring. They think they know better. They want to do the fun stuff. Success lies in following what the expert created. Trust. Be systematic.
  2. Is too particular about everything. If the ask is to identify keywords, the individual spends time and time again, getting these tags exactly right. Unfortunately, there IS no right, perfect answer, so the person never gets off the ground. In the world of online sales, just doing it … getting started … and then modifying it is much better than trying to get it “right” from the start.
  3. Gives up too soon. It’s the top 5% of people who follow the program, get started and keep working it for months, perhaps years, who realize the significant results – potentially achieving independent wealth status. All the rest give up along the way … many, immediately after they buy the program. Have you ever done that? Purchased a program, became excited, and then didn’t do anything with it? Unfortunately, it’s all too common.

But the good news is, that you can be in the top 5% who follow the rules, get started before it is perfect, and then hang in there, tweaking and learning as you go.

One way to make that happen is to identify the path to online wealth that will work for YOU. There are so many choices … each with its own merits. Here are just a few that I find exciting because they require less time to get started and they are appealing to the market.

  • Micro Continuity
  • Fixed Term Memberships
  • Affiliate Referrals
  • Webinars / Teleseminars
  • Online Coaching
  • Info Booklets
  • Membership Courses
  • Directory Registrations

Then the work starts. Try not to do it alone. Find a virtual partner, guide or mentor who can help you navigate around the pitfalls and stay full steam ahead.