As a marketer, the first rule of thumb is to “think success”!

Many of you may have read, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, a book written several decades ago — and still going strong. Then last year The Secret DVD was launched — a 90 minute movie that everyone started talking about.

I’m sure you all know that the main point of discussion is the idea of thinking about things as the answer for getting what you want out of life. Some say, Yes, others say it’s what you do that counts. In my opinion, we would be best served to do both and not pick one or the other.

So, here’s my four-part formula for — taking the best from all views. This is what I try to do, and firmly believe is essential for life and Internet Marketing:

  1. We have to think high enough .
  2. We have to be specific in asking.
  3. We have to listen to the answer.
  4. We need to take action quickly.

1. Think High Enough

Too often we find ourselves with visions that are just a step above where we are right now: we want to be a little wealthier, have a better relationship, or get a bigger client. To get what we want out of life, we have to be able to dream high. Write down what you really desire. Don’t be afraid to think big. By the way, Dr. Robert Anthony, author of “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” says to use the word “desire” instead of “want” or “need”. It opens up your heart and mind to abundance.

When you apply this type of thinking and imagining to your business, you create tremendous growth potential for the long term. Think about how you want to be positioned in the eyes of others around the world? Do you desire to be known across the nation as the leading expert in a a particular topic? Think big in every area. Let your imagination and inspiration soar!

2. Be Specific In Your Asking

So often we are afraid to ask for what we want. We think perhaps if we are good, it will just appear. We believe that if we deserve it, it will happen. Unfortunately, we do have to ask. We have to articulate what we want before it will materialize. One technique Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor, uses is to ask, “How can I . . .” You fill in the blank. In business, “asking” may take the form of planning and brainstorming. The clue is to be specific and be open to receiving. In online marketing, make sure you have multiple links that “ask” for the sale in some fashion.

3. Listen To The Answer

And that leads us to the listening phase. Too often we ask – in some form or another– and then turn our attentions to something else. We forget to put up our antennae and be on the lookout for the answer. We may tense up and worry, which only makes it much more difficult to be led to the solution. We need to be open to receiving. We need to trust that the solution will present itself — if we pay attention. Sometimes the answer takes on a different form than we expect, so its important to think outside the box, listen to your gut, and watch for signs of any type.

When you use this step with online marketing, make sure you have tracking mechanisms in your links. Watch the numbers. Listen to what your visitors and email subscribers tell you by analyzing the report statistics.

4. Take Action Quickly

And once you get that little niggle of thought, or have a brilliant idea, take action on it immediately. Too often we think the opportunity will always be there. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Openings are fleeting. We need to capitalize on the inspirational thoughts as soon as we think of them. That’s not to say that everything you come up with is something you should just go out and do without any thought or deliberation. But what it does mean is that when you have a high vision, you’ve identified specifically what you desire, and you’ve received an idea that excites you — something that is in sync with what you’re trying to achieve — then act on it. Take a step forward. Try it out! Just don’t sit on it for later. Do it now!

Fast action and quick response – using the technology tools that are available – will be the key for this step in marketing. Don’t sit on information. Quick action wins the day.

So, when it comes to getting what you want out of life, you determine it. You shape it — by what you think, what you specify, how you listen and how quickly you take action. So go for it! Don’t let up. Start with your thinking and carry it all the way through. I think you will be amazed at the results.