9 10, 2016

Are You Up For Changing How You Communicate?

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When I worked at Xerox years ago, we all participated in a corporate-wide employee satisfaction survey.  Of course, one big element was rating your manager on how well he (or in my case, she) communicated with us.  Sure, they used questions like “How often does your manager keep you informed?” “How effectively does your manager give you feedback?” and my personal favorite, “How  well does your manager show recognition for your work?”  All basic communication elements. The survey process, as you can well imagine, required that the manager being reviewed to develop an action plan for any area requiring improvement.  Well, my boss was quite creative in that respect.  She decided that we, the team that had given her low [...]

7 10, 2016

3 Ways Egalitarian Leadership Creates Trust

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I went to the internet today, before starting this article, to find statistics to support an idea I wanted to present. In the search bar I put “trust statistics in workplace”. I was hoping to find a data point or two to introduce the chicken and egg standoff of: “which came first – the lack of trust or inadequate communication?”. The results were staggering! I didn’t even need to explore the reports, the headlines told the story: […]

28 01, 2016

Are You Deluding Yourself As A Manager?

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Do you think that every manager is automatically a leader? Good or bad? Certainly managers should be leaders … but what does it actually take? Supervisors, managers and executives need to see that tasks are done, that people are held accountable and that some measurement of performance is achieved … and communicated. But, in my mind, actual leadership is more strategic and engaging. […]

27 01, 2016

5 Ways to Build Relationships Online … And Sell More Product

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Everything you do in business… whether it’s online or in a store front… is about building relationships. People have choices. You know that you will go where people make you feel good. You may even pay a little more just to patronize such an establishment. People buy from folks they know, like and trust. That’s your challenge when developing a business - to let everyone feel as if they are a friend because you’ve been open and honest with them. Here are a few techniques that work to build relationships. How many are you using? If you make it a habit to have all five in your communications you’ll notice a difference in the money you make from online efforts. [...]

26 01, 2016

Are You Losing Business Because Of Your Email Address?

By | 2017-05-08T03:09:44+00:00 January 26th, 2016|Communication, Email|Comments Off on Are You Losing Business Because Of Your Email Address?

Too often people think, "It's only email." Are you among them? Since this little technological wonder (an email note) is our main way of communicating in business these days, it's not an "only" anything. It is a powerful tool. Don't treat it as just a delivery channel. Make the most of it. Having the right email address can help you! Your Domain As Part Of Your Email Address Having your own domain name as the back end of your email address has several advantages. You want to... Keep your name and message in front of others every day. Make it easy for folks to remember you and tell others. Look as polished and professional as possible so you will not [...]

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